Have a Digital Marketing project that is STUCK in quicksand? Do you think about it all the time, but never take action? 😥  

Often times it can be overwhelming to approach digital marketing. Especially in a world of excessive information overload. Becoming a business owner also means you become familiar with the endless amount of solicitation about how to fix your website, or get your SEO rankings higher, more leads, etc etc.

There are so many options, guarantees and promises out there, that some businesses actually choose to do nothing.

While I understand in most cases why there is hesitancy to start investing in marketing. I believe in many cases, the hesitancy is based on uncertainty. Not understanding exact deliverables of the Digital Marketing services and/or how to value those items.

If a business can’t see an immediate return on their investment, the money spent is quickly determined to be a waste. And while there is low-quality work being done out there…when you work with an honest marketing team focused on quality production, it tends to have value beyond the immediate ROI.

Building momentum for your digital marketing program is like going to the gym to improve your fitness.

You cannot just go a few times and expect results. You also can’t just get fit by being present inside the gym. It needs to become a part of your routine + you need to follow a well-designed plan –> consistency, commitment, and quality are REQUIRED.  

Your Digital Marketing results often work the same. 

Digital Marketing works, but –> consistency, commitment, and quality are REQUIRED. 

If you are one of those business owners, that falls into the category of doing zero marketing, but you want to get started, here is what you should do: 

⭐ Determine a Marketing Budget (any size budget, determine what you can spend over the next 12-24 months on marketing) If you don’t know what it should be, consider first what you can afford to maintain without hurting the business day to day…if the answer is “nothing” then you aren’t ready, or need to figure out what changes can be made to even squeeze out a $500/mo budget.  

(I highly suggest you work with an CPA to help determine this, so they can also guide you on writing off your marketing activities when possible) 

⭐ Find Marketing resources that can work with that budget…you will save yourself a lot of back and forth with agencies/freelancers if you can come to the table with a clear budget, that you are not budging on –> the goal is to feel comfortable making the commitment.  

Get at least 3 different opinions (We’d be happy to be one of them!) on how to best optimize the budget you have determined. Do not default to trusting the first person you talk to.   

It’s not always easy to decide but in most cases, some marketing is better than no marketing. Even a modest budget, when allocated wisely, can pay dividends long into the future. But you must take that first step. If your business is stalled, it’s time to get unstuck and gain momentum through strategic marketing.